a simple trick

by partofyou


How do you enhance your underexposed digital shots using photoshop? Do you use levels, channel mixer, exposure or brightness-contrast? Here’s a very easy trick to fix your dark photos without complexities: Open your image, press Ctrl+A,Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V. From drop down image toolbar, adjustments, then click desaturate, this will turn your image to black and white. Then click on invert from the image, adjustment dropdown menu. Now go to layers pane, activate layer 1 by clicking, then to the drop-down under layer, click on overlay. Did you noticed the changes? Now to complete your editing, give your layer a blur. On your filter drop down menu bar, choose blur then gaussian blur. Give it a value of 2 pixels, press ok. Save as jpg and Voila! there you have it, an enhanced image the way professionals do. enjoy!