by partofyou

“8 things i am grateful for” meme

I’m in the middle of sulking, and it’s an effort for me to just gather my thoughts. PAHIRAPAN BA ‘KO?

-I’m Alive! Thank Heavens! That I am writing this meme right now.

-Family who understands and give their countless support.

-That I am blogging, yet still an effort.

-Friendly neighborhood, although I’m the one who’s unfriendly.

-For the last nerve that I have, that they keep on spawning.

-My health, even if it’s a struggle.

-For my bleeep that makes me so proud!

-And for somebody like Reyna Elena who tagged me this meme.

I’m tagging geisha, maldito, lad madrigal at ikaw, oo, ikaw!