Much of the middle east is internet free

by partofyou

By the above headline I am not implying that Internet access is free….

I’m not one that usually believes in International Conspiracy Theories… but THIS is too much of a coincidence not to be related to one.
For most of this week there has been virtually no Internet connectivity to much of the Middle East. This has caused many problems to merchants and to areas of education… needless to say, the Blogesphere…
Why do I suspect something ‘fishy’…. Israel has not been affected at all. Most of what is disseminated from Israel via the Internet is not the same nature as what is transmitted by DesertPeace or like minded people, but rather from the zionists themselves. It just seems too coincidental for Israel not to have it’s fingers in this particular pie…. there is way too much that Israel would not want to be written about at this particular time.