Lahing Kayumanggi

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Babes Cajucomon 03 Feb 2008 at 10:00 am

I think it’s about time to do private initiative as the government still studies or plays with the “equitable distribution” of the national budget and the homebased politicians span their reign by all means.
BASILAN had been victim of so-called media entertainment and men- in-uniform aggrandizement. We can’t be forever watching news being sensationalized to gain benefit for gov’t budgets for weapons procurement that goes to some pockets, etc.
We have many lahing Kayumanggi who made it big in other countries and may have wanted to share a little to one of poorest provinces in the country – BASILAN in our quest to weave PEACE through development.
Your own stories bring hope to us that one day more Filipinos will make it to the top and we’re getting there. Imagine ang sunud-sunod na honor na binibigay ng mga Pinoy — in the academe, sports, music,sciences etc… May hope pa talaga! Truly this is a country, not just of beautiful people with good values, not just a place worth a thousand praises for it’s beautifull places but also home of great talents, skills and intelligence!!!

Beautiful Basilan Sunset                                   Basilan white sand beach

Mabuhay lahat ng Pinoy sa buong mundo! Winners talaga ang lahing kayumanggi! However, take a moment to help Pinoys back here rise up from our political ruins. Support Project H.E.L.P. Basilan.

Health/Education/Livelihood for the People of Basilan. We are a group here with strong vision for the island who have sacrificed our own lot and making a difference out of other people’s lives. Please join us. We are sick and tired waiting for the government’s promise of HOPE. If things works here, we can help other islands in the country to rise by joining our hands together as one people.

Babes Cajucom
BIDA Founder
Basilan Island Development Association

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