Quantum Physics, consciousness and the mind

by partofyou

The Mind and Physics

The mind has played a role in physics since the earliest days of quantum physics. The Fifth Solvay Conference in 1927 featured a debate between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein about whether the mind and consciousness are (Bohr) or are not (Einstein) part of physics. Einstein’s position has dominated mainstream physics for decades, but the battle simmered on for the entire twentieth century.

New Physics

Much of 20th-century physics has proceeded along the reductionist path that seeks quantum gravity at the intersection of the extended lines of quantum physics and relativity.

This reductionist path must always try to force into a stretched standard model the many phenomena of new physics that have been theorized or observed over recent decades:

  • extra dimensions of space
  • black holes
  • dark matter and dark energy
  • entanglement
  • tunneling
  • Bose-Einstein condensates
  • neutrino mass
  • radical theses about time and matter

How far can the standard models of particle physics and cosmology be stretched before we see the need for new theory-of-everything paradigms?

A Search Exercise for You

Here’s a search exercise for you.

List every phenomenon of new physics that you can think of. Add “consciousness” and “the mind.” See what theories of physics you can find.

From this, create your own Top Tennk of. Add “consciousness” and “the mind.” See what theories of physics you can find.

From this, create your own Top Ten List of Radical Theories of New Physics.

And select your own Number One Theory of New Physics and the Mind.

21st-Century Physics

How many phenomena of new physics does it take to break the standard model?

Are we really getting closer to a theory of everything by reducing our understanding to strings as physics’ smallest pieces?

Can psychologists’, mathematicians’, and physicists’ longstanding p-adic models of thought be brought into modern physics?

What optimal mix of new physics phenomena and p-adic models of consciousness have created holistic models of new physics and the mind, the 21st century’s theory of everything?

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