This is actually the past. In the present, you used a time machine to come back to this point in time and correct a mistake you did. Unfortunately, your memory of events from this point to the present was erased in the process.

Month: July, 2008

are you ready for this


journey’s journey

After reading mami kengkay’s post, I searched and watched Arnel Pineda’s videos on youtube, and this particular video caught my attention, it’s very inspiring, and I can’t help by cry with Arnel when he is telling his story about his family and the life that he has been. Just watch and be inspired!

hip to be square

Do you like watermelons? There’s a new farming innovation—shaping them! The technology is japanese, when one farmer have to solve the problem of properly stacking them for shipment. Read the rest of the story, follow the link here.

Square watermelons are loaded ready to be packed and shipped


square watemelon slices


and this is my version of watermelons, lol!

He’s got the moves!

They’r sooo goood!

Ang gagaling nila!

Mamasyal sa kanilang mundo! Nakakabilib, nakaka-inspire! like this one by cray.