This is actually the past. In the present, you used a time machine to come back to this point in time and correct a mistake you did. Unfortunately, your memory of events from this point to the present was erased in the process.

Month: May, 2009

my favorite music video so far:lololololol…..


Me found a wabbit!

I don’t know anything about bunnies, but I had no choice but to keep one . I found this guy (or girl) beside the building where I live.  Abandoned by its keeper, complete with cage.  This juvenile could die of  dehydration so I decided to take him upstairs, to my flat. Sore-eyed ang coughing (? or sneezing) I knew he’s been sick.


After sometime, he got used to my room, running around and exploring, like it got well all of a sudden. I think the breed is of  Thrianta, and I still don’t know how to handle him.  Any ideas?

mobile phone photography: textures


from top: my destop cactus, saudi spring sky, egyptian dish, tissue holder, my favorite shoes, falcon feather that I found on the street, the new shuffle. I used nokia 5800 camera on all photos. enjoy!

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