This is actually the past. In the present, you used a time machine to come back to this point in time and correct a mistake you did. Unfortunately, your memory of events from this point to the present was erased in the process.

Month: July, 2009

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Showoff time muna.

Featured in Al Benaa Magazine,  a leading arabic architecture magazine, this is my proposed shopping mall interior design. The mall is just one of the feature of this modern tower located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.03042009128

The sphere located on top center is a restaurant.




Whadya think?



People at work can get on your nerves today because they don’t do what’s expected of them. Expressing your anger, however, isn’t constructive. It doesn’t motivate them to get on track, nor does it make you feel any better, either. Controlling your feelings now is tricky business, for suppressed emotions can have unexpected consequences. The smartest course of action is to tell others how you feel without placing blame on them.


Take time to watch this video, then tell me kung me matutunan tayo. Sya po yung bampira na  masyadong mabunganga dito sa opisina,  at ako ang ginagawang punching bag.

Did he do it?

After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth. In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.

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” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”