This is actually the past. In the present, you used a time machine to come back to this point in time and correct a mistake you did. Unfortunately, your memory of events from this point to the present was erased in the process.

Month: August, 2009

The Light

From the Light, God created Angels.

From the Fire, God created the Devils.

From the Dust, God created the Man.

In the beginning there was nothing, then theres a light, then the light fight against the darkness,

AndĀ  the fire was created.

Again the fire clash against the darkness,

And so the smoke was created.

Then the smoke settles, and became dust,

Where the man emerges.


isang tanong.

Powder o Lotion?

oopppsss!, dalawa pala!

Para sa kinauukulan at sa mga katulad nila.

Medyo late na ito, pahabol na lang, medyo napahaba ang pananahimik ko.

I strongly support the principles of theĀ  author of this video.

…just a moment of silence.