from the eye of an observer

If I am a wise man…this is what I want to tell you…

Whatever hurrying you’re doing…your life is always at stake.

Lucky are those who died a thousand times…They know the real meaning of life.

Whoever gives you favors, return them right away; don’t let your kidney, your liver or your heart do them for you.

If somebody helped you, they are better than you. If you admit that, the scale is balanced.

If I have in my hand the highest power to change the world in search of perfection, I’m not going to change anything. For me, the world is perfect, why would I change something that is so beautiful, otherwise I’m only going to ruin it.

A rich man’s happines is nothing compared to a poor man’s joy.

Keep it simple, or suffer the consequences.

The gravity’s force is not located in the center of the earth, and it’s not a pull, an apple drops because it’s been pushed from the heavens.